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What Our Clients Say


"DBS Group really cared. They put in a lot of time and effort to determine what we needed on the front end, so everything was easier on the back end. They are professional and deliver a quality product on time and on budget. I absolutely recommend them."

Greg Stenberg, Engineer

Advanced Fiber Products



"We’ve enjoyed working with the professionals at DBS Group. They hire and retain people of high character — not an ounce of arrogance or puffiness in any of them — and it’s great to work with people you enjoy. Also, I believe we are not their client; our customers are. We’re proud to partner with DBS Group to serve and enrich others’ lives."

Dave & Barb Skogen
Festival Foods, Dash-Park, David Reay's Modern Diner + Tavern



"DBS Group did an amazing job on every aspect of the David Reay's project from concept, to design, to build-out, to follow-up on project completion. An amazing group of professionals that I would highly recommend to anyone considering building a restaurant."

Matt Boschka
David Reay's Modern Diner + Tavern



"When we needed to build a new store, the choice for us was clear: we wanted DBS Group as our partners. The people at DBS Group know their stuff, are excellent to work with and guide us through every decision, every aspect of our projects. They consistently exceed our expectations. I recommend them highly."

Kevin Fossum
Contractor Supply



"I was the main point of contact with DBS Group when they handled the buildout for our La Crosse office. Not only were we looking for design and quality, but we were also looking to be on budget; DBS Group didn’t disappoint. Everyone I spoke with throughout the process knew exactly where we were, and they continued to be responsive even after we moved into our updated office. Everyone genuinely cared about our project, and I had no reservations that they were handling every detail efficiently and professionally. I couldn’t appreciate them more. Any time I have a new project, they will be my first call, no question."

Jennifer Zahari
Regional Director
ABR Employment Services



"[DBS Group] went above and beyond! Not only did [they] do a fantastic construction build out, but [they] helped with so many things that came up that without [their] expertise and guidance we would have been lost. As a new business owner, we put our faith in others and hope they do a good job. We are so happy we put our faith in DBS Group. I would highly recommend [them] to any business owner who is looking for an expert in commercial building."

Todd and Mary Smith
Clothes Mentor Onalaska



"DBS Group is our go-to resource when building and remodeling our stores. As experts in design-build and retail, we can count on them to provide optimal quality architectural and building services and to do it on time and on budget."

Phil Downing
Toppers Pizza