Preconstruction Services

Our preconstruction professionals are experienced in developing varying levels of budget information throughout the front-end phase of your project, from conceptual budgets to detailed estimates.

During the design phase, the estimators in our preconstruction team work closely with the owner, as well as design and project management team members, to provide feedback regarding the cost of building materials and building assemblies so you can make educated decisions regarding your project. Our strong network of local, regional, and national vendors allows us to capture competitive pricing with qualified vendors and maximize the value of your investment.

Preconstruction Services Provided

  • Budget Development & Management — At DBS Group, we develop project budget information early in the life of the project and manage your project budget meticulously, ensuring cost-effectiveness and transparency throughout the design-build process.
  • Constructability Assessment — To increase efficiency, we conduct thorough constructability assessments during the design phase, leveraging our design-build expertise to identify potential challenges early and implement practical solutions.
  • Sustainability Review — Our team conducts sustainability reviews to ensure your project not only meets but exceeds energy efficiency standards, integrating green practices into the design-build process to create more efficient, sustainable outcomes.
  • Vendor Solicitation & Pre-Qualification — We manage vendor solicitation and pre-qualification. We leverage our extensive network of local, regional, and national vendors, so you can be confident that we will provide competitive pricing with qualified vendors.
  • Value Engineering Development — By employing value engineering, we optimize project costs without compromising quality and functionality, using the integrated design-build approach to facilitate more efficient material and method selections.