Construction Services

Our construction services team consists of seasoned project managers and superintendents with a proven track record of delivering projects on budget and on schedule.

During the design phase, our project managers work closely with the owner, as well as designers and estimators, to provide feedback regarding constructability, material and equipment lead time, phasing and schedule.

Our construction professionals make it easy for you by completely owning the project schedule, project financials, vendor coordination, quality assurance, and job site safety. We treat each project as our own, so you can rest assured that we are working as your advocate to deliver a successful project.

Construction Services Provided

  • Construction Efficiency Review — We conduct regular construction efficiency reviews during the design phase to ensure that every aspect of your project is optimized for time, cost, and resource use.
  • Schedule Development & Management — At DBS Group, we develop and meticulously manage detailed schedules that coordinate all project activities to ensure timely completion and minimize disruptions.
  • Procurement & Vendor Compliance — We oversee the procurement process and ensure all vendors comply with project specifications and standards, securing the best materials and services for your project.
  • Site Logistics & Management — Our team expertly manages site logistics, coordinating all on-site operations to ensure smooth progress and proactively address challenges.
  • Quality Control — We maintain strict quality control procedures throughout the construction process so you have peace of mind knowing that all work meets or exceeds the planned specifications and industry standards.
  • Safety — Safety is our top priority; we implement comprehensive safety measures and conduct ongoing training to ensure a safe working environment for everyone on site.
  • Project Financial Management — We manage project financials, track all costs, and monitor the budget to keep your project financially sound from start to finish.

To learn more about our construction management services, download our Construction Management Services Guide.