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Campbell Family Homes—Viroqua, WI

Campbell Family Homes—Viroqua, WI

DBS Group recently renovated Campbell Family Homes, an assisted living facility in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Historic buildings are prized by the owner as the ability to own such a facility is not easy to come by, and though the Campbell Family Homes building was historical, it didn’t look the part. The historic designation plaque was actually attached to vinyl siding and the interior featured acoustical ceilings, hollow core doors, carpeting and commercial 2’x4’ fluorescent lighting. Nothing about the interior would tell you that you were in a building that pre-dated your grandmother.

Our objective for this project was to peel back the layers to reveal the stunning glory this building once had. Ceilings were removed, walls were shortened, hidden lead glass windows revealed, historic windows repurposed and lights replaced, among many other improvements. The result was the historically authentic look and feel the owners desired. The owners now are tending to the exterior of the building.


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