Dash Park

Onalaska, WI

dash park

Dash Park is a redevelopment project on the corner block of HWY 35 and Main Street in Onalaska. The property was redeveloped and transformed from run-down, vacant buildings into a beautiful and unique park area that incorporates decorative walking paths, an amphitheater formed of large limestone boulders, a small stage for live performances, turf seating areas with decorative trellis and swings and a park square that houses a 40-foot-tall Christmas tree during the holidays.


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    “The people at DBS Group were pleasant and professional. They facilitated the project well, managing all the logistics and taking care of any issues that came up during the process. They also kept us well-informed on progress and next steps and produced high-quality work. Most importantly, we now have a beautiful facility to share with our clients, customers and community.”
    Kirsten Tangen
    Joy Ridge Event Center
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    “Our experience with DBS Group was positive throughout the inquiry, planning, selection, build and final detailing. We were impressed by the knowledge of each specialist and how each had a smooth handoff to the next stage leader. The project was finished on time, which is almost unheard of, and it was free from the frustrations that every other build customer expects and despises. Every member of the DBS team was responsive and pleasant to work with, without exception.”
    Catherine McBride
    Interventional Orthopedic Solutions – Rochester
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    “I had an excellent experience working with DBS Group. They understand how to structure a large build and keep it relatively low-stress and trouble-free for the owner. They were phenomenal in handling the details, so I didn’t have them dropping on me. We built our facility during COVID, and they thought out of the box to keep us moving despite materials shortages. They’re a professional organization with good people. They’re fair and make it work for everybody. It was nice to have a partner in my project rather than just a contractor.”
    Lavon (Spanky) Felton
    Sleepy Hollow Ford
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    “When we met with DBS Group, they laid out a plan that worked for us and then followed through on everything they said they would do. We had very few surprises on the project. When they did occur, DBS Group communicated them well and had a plan to solve them. As a preschool, we needed to market six months before the project was finished, and hitting our completion date was critical for the families depending on us. Even with supply chain issues and labor shortages, DBS Group got the job done on schedule.”
    Brant Dennis
    The Goddard School of Minnetonka
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    “The people at DBS Group really worked together as a team, not just with each other but with me as well. They’re very knowledgeable, and their customer service is excellent. They kept me organized and updated, making the entire process easier — which was especially helpful as I was still running another facility. And while they’re very professional, they also brought good humor to our interactions, making the project more enjoyable. If I were to build another facility, I would hire them — hands down.”
    Jamie Smith
    Beehive Homes of Eau Claire