Red Pines Café

Onalaska, WI

Red Pines partnered with DBS Group to design and build a Red Pines Café located on County Road Z in Onalaska, adjacent to the Red Pines Restaurant. Three studio apartment units were demolished to make way for the new café space, which includes a commercial kitchen, bar area, and seating area. Patrons can enjoy freshly prepared gourmet flatbreads, Bean Juice & Café to Farmers coffee, Rishi Tea, Italian gelato, a full bar, grab-and-go items, and Red Pines apparel. DBS Group provided store planning, design and construction services for this project.



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    “What I enjoy about DBS Group is how well they prepare before the projects begin. They put a plan together and hammer it all out, so once the project gets going, it’s pretty smooth. I’ve had contractors who’ve been late, and it’s cost me money. DBS Group is always, always, always ahead of schedule. It’s a good group of people to work with. They communicate well and are very professional.”
    Mike Baird
    Pizza Hut and Uncork’d
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    “DBS Group is our go-to resource when building and remodeling our stores. As experts in design-build and retail, we can count on them to provide optimal quality architectural and building services and to do it on time and on budget.”
    Phil Downing
    Toppers Pizza
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    “DBS Group did an amazing job on every aspect of the David Reay's project from concept, to design, to build-out, to follow-up on project completion. An amazing group of professionals that I would highly recommend to anyone considering building a restaurant.”
    Matt Boschka
    David Reay's Modern Diner + Tavern