4 Construction Strategies for Senior Living Renovation Projects

As baby boomers retire, senior living facilities are renovating to meet the needs of this distinct market and to delight them in their next phase of life. It’s an essential step for aging facilities that want to compete with the new kids on the senior housing block. But renovation dollars aren’t infinite, so it’s essential to establish a sound strategy for improving senior living facilities in the right ways—with improvements and maintenance that will give you the biggest bang from a baby boomer perspective.

Four strategies for senior living renovation projects

Here are four construction strategies that can give a substantial boost to your senior living renovation project.

Go the extra mile to keep current residents smiling.

No matter how great the final outcome, living in the midst of construction dust and noise can be miserable. Most of us don’t like it, even when it’s in our own property. Seniors who are living at a facility consider it their home, so it’s critical that your team strives to consider residents’ needs at every step. It goes without saying that safety precautions are an absolute must. In addition to that, schedule construction work hours with thought put to what’s most convenient for residents. And construction teams should take great care to clean up the work zone regularly. Communication is also key, so be sure to keep residents up to date on construction progress and what they can expect.

Consider both renovations and maintenance.

Budgets are rarely bottomless, so it’s important to consider both your needs and your wants. We can help you look at both to see whether potential cost savings exist by doing both renovation and maintenance work within the same timeframe. This is also a tremendous strategy because it reduces the stress and inconvenience placed upon current residents.

Create uncommon common areas.

If your community common areas are looking drab or dated, now’s your chance to really impress. Making even basic, low-cost changes can give you a huge wow factor that’s sure to impress potential residents and their loved ones, as well as the prized senior living residents who are loyal to you now. Swap out old floors, fluorescent lighting and nondescript paint for something warmer and more welcoming. Update the décor and light fixtures. Top it all off with fresh, comfy furniture, and you can engineer a luxurious feel.

When it comes to amenities, think high impact.

Without a doubt, baby boomers are driving senior living amenities like no other generation has in the past. From on-location health care services to multi-purpose and fitness facilities, to RV parking, on-site theatres, yoga lawns, coffee shops and restaurants, your ability to make an impact with the right amenities is only limited by your imagination.

Put your senior living renovation dollars in the right place.

Building or renovating senior living facilities is bolstered by having solid strategies for impressing your key audiences. Keep these four considerations in mind, and you’re sure to put your renovation dollars in the right place — one that will pay you back in terms of new residents and delighted long-term guests.