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How the pandemic is transforming the hospitality industry

COVID-19 is speeding the evolution of hospitality From lockdowns to economic slowdowns, from closed borders to closed businesses, the global pandemic has ripple effects that are deeply felt throughout the hospitality industry. The result: the industry is evolving at an exponentially faster rate to meet changing consumer demand. Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. ( reports…

How design-build boosts speed while keeping costs down

No matter what commercial construction project you are planning, design-build has benefits Whatever type of commercial construction project you have in mind, there is a single choice that can change everything about your construction experience — for the better. For many people, it’s an option that only recently appeared on their radar. But it’s fast…

Emerging trend toward alternative lenders

Pandemic ripple effects drive investors toward options other than banks For real estate investors, meeting financing needs has become a bit more complicated during a global pandemic. Shifting concerns related to lease contracts have actually driven real estate investors to look toward alternative lending options. Why? Across all real estate sectors, tenants are seeking flexibility…

Mixed-use senior housing in a post-COVID-19 world

Market forces pushed mixed-use to the forefront; now it’s different Just six months ago, we saw a continued meteoric rise — going on a decade — in interest in mixed-use development among those in the senior housing development industry. But today, with COVID-19 at the forefront of our minds, that interest has changed dramatically. Mixed-use…

Is intergenerational student-senior housing the next big thing?

Mount Mary University Project in Milwaukee shows promise.

3 ways COVID-19 will change senior housing forever

Senior living experiences a reset in the midst of pandemic shifts.

What’s ahead for industrial/fulfillment centers?

In the COVID-19 world, an e-commerce boom drives demand.

COVID-19 and rethinking health care space

A rapidly-changing public health issue demonstrates the essential nature of having space that can serve a variety of needs.

The prevalence of wood construction

Four reasons wood construction is so popular right now.

4 ways to bring post-pandemic customers back to the grocery store

Agility is key in the changing economic landscape.