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How the pandemic is transforming the hospitality industry

COVID-19 is speeding the evolution of hospitality From lockdowns to economic slowdowns, from closed borders to closed businesses, the global pandemic has ripple effects that are deeply felt throughout the hospitality industry. The result: the industry is evolving at an exponentially faster rate to meet changing consumer demand. Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. ( reports…

2020 Commercial Construction Trend Report shows pockets of opportunity

As we look ahead to 2020, experts are calling for slower economic growth, meaning development and investment decisions must focus where opportunity is greatest.

Trend Alert: Hospitality

Here’s what to expect in the hospitality industry for 2019.

The perfect property: CRE construction project site selection

How will you know when you find the perfect property?

Major changes coming to the construction industry

While the construction industry may seem to be a slow-moving vehicle, the truth is there are a number of subterranean industry developments, figuratively speaking, that stand to change the industry on a fundamental level, and swiftly.

Coming to a Hotel Near You: Design and Construction Changes

As generational influence shifts and millennials become a primary target market for the hotel industry, hotel contractors like DBS Group and others in the construction sector are rising to meet the changing demand.