Building Security: Head It Off When Designing, Building Your New Commercial Construction Project

When you’re imagining the next chapter in the legacy of your business, chances are you aren’t giving much thought to the dangers that could emerge over time. Yet now, more than ever, security is a concern for businesses and one that should be considered during the early stages of the commercial construction process. And it turns out, when you select the design-build model for your construction, you are well-positioned to head off those concerns by integrating safety measures into your building plans.

The importance of considering security early in the process

Security planning is too often an afterthought, and by the time issues surface, changes can be difficult to make, not to mention cost prohibitive. In fact, experts say the later in the process that security is considered, the more likely you’ll face costly change orders. Worse, some developers may opt out of addressing the concerns to save on costs, only to find the repercussions down the road are staggering, even business-busting.

With seemingly no return on investment, it can be easy to put security concerns on the back burner. But it’s nearly impossible to measure the benefits of preventing an issue from ever occurring. Yet, designing buildings for security and safety necessitates a proactive approach, from planning for fire protection, natural hazards mitigation, securing business assets and staff, preventing unlawful entry and anticipating other risks and threats both foreign and domestic.

How a design-build approach can help mitigate security risks and manage costs

Experts say it’s also easy to dismiss security during the architectural process because it can be perceived to be related only to hardware, such as video surveillance cameras and secure entrances. But it really should be considered an architectural feature. When you choose to partner with a design-build team, everyone is on the same page, working toward a shared vision. As such, it’s easier to assess risk and include safety and security measures in the architectural phase of the project. The result: change orders are virtually eliminated, as those unanticipated architectural necessities are a part of the conversation early and often. The architecture then supports security needs, including design specs for technology, from the beginning.

Address security early in the building process for peace of mind

No business leader wants to think about the ramifications of a lackluster building design for security. Incorporating these architectural concerns early in the process can offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing access control, IT protections, emergency communications and so many more essentials have been taken into consideration from the very start of your construction project. When a design-build team is on your side, you can be assured that security decisions help guide the design process, managing costs in the shorter term while reducing the risk to your business in the decades to come.