Row of new stores at Venture Pass in Onalaska WI depict grocery and retail trends.

Design-Build 2024 Grocery & Retail Trends

Style meets substance

Amid inflation and economic uncertainties, the retail sector stands resilient, ready to sustain as well as reinvent its spaces. Experts foresee a future where retail investment transcends mere upkeep, focusing instead on fostering innovation. The vision for 2024 is a retail industry that continually redefines itself, merging technology with eco-friendly practices to create spaces resonating with today’s consumer values.

Retail trends indicate robust growth ahead

The U.S. retail sector, projected to reach $7.43 trillion in sales in 2024, according to Statista Research & Analysis, is experiencing robust growth amid inflation and economic uncertainties. This expansion involves substantial investments in both sustaining and innovating retail spaces.

“Forrester’s Predictions 2024: Retail” underscores a significant retail trend: the convergence of online and brick-and-mortar retail. This shift sees online-only and direct-to-consumer brands increasingly establishing physical storefronts, focusing on brand enhancement and tangible customer experiences.

Demographic changes and evolving real estate patterns are influencing retail trends and construction. Areas experiencing population growth and large, new residential developments, particularly single-family homes, are becoming hotspots for new retail endeavors.

The sector is also adapting to labor shortages and the push for enhanced customer service through increased automation. Integrating technology is essential for merging online and physical shopping experiences, aligning with consumer demands for convenience and sensory engagement.

Moreover, sustainability and unique shopping environments are becoming increasingly important. Retailers are focusing on eco-friendly designs and immersive experiences to attract and retain customers, emphasizing environmental responsibility and distinctive consumer interactions.

Design and build for:

  • Experiential and Immersive Environments
  • Flexible and Modular Layouts
  • Focus on Health and Wellness
  • Local and Cultural Elements
  • Smart and Connected Spaces
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Features
  • Technological Integration


The 2024 outlook for the grocery industry indicates sustained growth and evolution, adapting to consumer trends and technological advancements. Supermarket News projects a steady increase in the U.S. grocery market, driven by ongoing consumer preferences for home cooking and in-store shopping experiences.

Environmental sustainability is a major influence on consumer choices, with a notable segment willing to pay more for eco-friendly grocery options. This trend is prompting stores to adopt sustainable practices, including implementing energy-efficient equipment and using recycled materials in store design.

Simultaneously, the tactile and sensory appeal of in-store shopping remains critical in attracting customers. Grocers are responding by offering innovative products and unique shopping experiences that engage the senses.

Operational efficiency is a key focus, especially with current labor shortages. Robotics and automation are increasingly employed to streamline operations and enhance customer service.

Another notable trend is the integration of grocery stores into mixed-use developments. This strategy not only improves accessibility but also contributes to the success of these multifunctional spaces, reflecting a broader trend of creating community-focused, practical environments.

Design and build for:

  • Biophilic Elements
  • Community Spaces
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Enhanced Pick-up and Delivery Zones
  • Experiential Retail
  • Flexible and Efficient Layouts
  • Health and Safety
  • Local and Cultural Themes
  • Sustainable Design
  • Technology Integration

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