How to make a commercial building more energy efficient

Our top recommendations for saving energy in your commercial buildings

From affordability to sustainability, commercial building owners have many reasons to look for ways to make their properties more energy-efficient. It can seem like a monumental task, especially for those of us who aren’t starting anew with a commercial construction project. Existing commercial buildings do come with some challenges when it comes to energy efficiencies, but there are still several ways you can make headway. Here are some effective solutions to consider that could cut your energy costs.

Energy efficiency tips for commercial buildings

Here are some tips from our team on how to achieve greater energy efficiency for your existing commercial building or your next commercial construction project.

When it’s time to build, take a whole-building approach to energy efficiency

For new commercial building construction, developers have a real opportunity to reap the benefits of energy efficiency from the start. Begin by looking to Energy Star requirements, LEED standards and the International Green Construction Code for inspiration. And be sure to work with a design-build construction firm who can navigate the many opportunities available for your building to be the most energy-efficient it can be. In the end, you may be able to make efficient use of natural resources such as water and energy while minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

Control costs and temps by replacing old HVAC systems

Older, less energy-efficient heating and cooling systems can be energy hogs. Check to see if your infrastructure is regularly in need of repair, particularly if you see a spike in energy consumption. And when the opportunity to replace aged HVAC systems comes around, choose more energy-efficient systems. Automatic HVAC controls can also make a huge difference.

Find shelter from energy costs with efficient roofing solutions

Energy-efficient roofs can reflect sunlight to reduce energy costs. Also, the material selected for your roof can play a role. When it’s time to build or replace your commercial building’s roof, opt for green roofs or more sustainable solutions.

Get clear on window efficiency

Windows can have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your commercial building. Start by installing energy-efficient windows, and be sure they are the appropriate selection for your climate. Consider strategic window glazing to manage solar heat loss and gain. Install storm windows, skylights and overhangs to control heating and cooling costs. And remember, maintenance, including caulking and weather-stripping, is key.

Warm up to high-efficiency water heaters

Heating water is a huge drain on energy costs, and for commercial buildings, it can make up about 7% (about twice that for home use). When you’re aiming to make your commercial building more energy-efficient, choose a water heater that helps you get there. You’ll find many options available today, including solar water heaters, high-efficiency water heaters, even tank-less water heaters.

Plug into efficient appliances and electronics

From computers to refrigerators, dishwashers and office equipment, energy-efficient options exist for pretty much any appliances or electronics you need in your commercial building. Seek out ENERGY STAR® options whenever possible, and unplug electronics when they’re not in use.

Thinking energy efficiency? Options abound for both new and old commercial buildings

When it comes to making your commercial building more energy-efficient, many options exist these days, and there are always new advances in the marketplace. When it’s time to build your energy-efficient commercial building, or retrofit an existing building, contact us for more information about the options that could be right for your project.