New tech tools coming soon to a project near you

Here’s what’s on the horizon in construction technology

In the construction industry, technology is transforming commercial construction projects from start to finish. And while some of these exciting advances are happening behind the scenes, others will be noticeable on your next project. So what’s coming down the pipeline in commercial construction tech? Let’s take a look into our industry crystal ball.

Sci-fi-like suits

Construction crews may not be your typical superheroes, but exoskeleton suits are likely to give workers seemingly superhuman strength in the near future. The suits help average (non-superhero) people lift as much as 20 times more, or more accurately, lift existing loads with far less effort and risk of injury. Will they enable crews to leap tall buildings in a single bound? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Augmented reality takes center stage

While augmented reality (AR) isn’t new to the construction space, it is increasingly nudging out paper and computer-aided design. That’s because AR allows contractors to see details of a building while wearing an AR headset. AR is also playing a progressively larger role in training so teams can gain expertise on new equipment.

3D printing

The construction industry continues to embrace the potential of 3D printing technology with exciting results. You may have heard by now that in 2018 a family moved into the first 3D printed home. But the biggest benefits may be in the ability to create objects in far less time and less manual labor than it takes now, including highly complex shapes.

Advanced drone software

Drones may no longer wow, but the software behind them? That’s getting wow-worthy. New advances in software are taking drones to new heights, enabling them to capture realistic 3D models and develop topographic maps. More than that, Building Informational Modeling (BIM) driven by this software is sure to provide even greater insights into construction, planning and design of projects with improved efficiency.

Seemingly magical materials

The latest materials coming to the market again seem to pull a page from sci-fi films. Think self-healing concrete that repairs itself. How is it possible? Bacteria is inserted in the concrete, which fills cracks, as they appear, by producing limestone. It’s the opposite of a blockbuster; it’s a concrete block binder!

Project management in real-time

Like all industries, tech-like smartphones are making it easier than ever to reach out and touch someone. But advances like instant messaging, texts and even voice messages can leave room for misinterpretation. Thankfully, project management tools are catching up and beginning to provide updates in real time. The result: all messaging is centralized, creating a clearer channel of communication, and likely fewer errors. More, managing projects and addressing issues becomes easier than ever when communications are centralized yet accessible no matter what device your team is using.

The future of construction is techy

The latest construction technology may be the stuff that movies are made of, but it’s also thrilling those of us who know its potential in real life. In the end, it’s about building better, building smarter and building the future of your business. And that means it’s just the beginning of your venture’s next chapter.