Illustrating modern senior living, an older woman in sun hat and sunglasses smiles from a swimming pool.

Senior Living: Out With the Old, In With the Bold

Creating captivating senior living environments is key

Institutionalized spaces, uninspired food, and lackluster amenities in senior living have gone the way of Pompeii, and for the wave of seniors looking at their next move, that’s a good thing. After all, no one truly wants to retire to a living environment that doesn’t feed their soul and bring them joy.

For owner/developers of senior living communities, this represents a unique opportunity to reimagine and create what will attract attention and adoration from the anticipated influx of seniors. While exactly how we will answer the call to house the baby boomers as they age remains up for discussion, as a design-build firm specializing in senior living environments in the Upper Midwest, we know one thing for certain. When it comes to the future of senior housing, it’s out with the old and in with the bold.

Bold choices that differentiate senior living communities in the market

The appeal and marketability of any senior living community can be forged early in the design and build process with the help of our design-build professionals. Bold choices can make your development the senior housing of choice in the Upper Midwest. What bold choices can help your facility captivate and inspire future tenants? It starts by thinking about thriving and how you can empower seniors to do so as they move through this phase of life.

Connecting seniors to our communities

Whether you build in La Crosse, WI; Rochester, MN; or elsewhere in Minnesota or Wisconsin, innovating ways to connect seniors with our communities is essential. From the design and build perspective, this becomes a part of early discussions and includes not only how seniors will connect with one another at the senior living community, but also how they will access the community’s riches. This includes consideration of the proximity of restaurants, entertainment options, parks, and healthcare facilities. When such facilities are not conveniently located, developers often wish to explore incorporating these options into their build. Mixed-use developments have become popular choices for senior housing developers, allowing space for retail, coffee shops, restaurants, and frankly, everything a senior might be seeking to live life to the fullest. These amenities can also be open to the public, seamlessly integrating the senior housing facility into the community. Bold? You betcha.

Keeping it active

The active adult community lifestyle appeals to many seniors who want to stay vibrant and healthy and intentionally make that quest a part of their daily lives. While many owner/developers focus on the healthcare aspect of senior living, it’s important to remember not just the health challenges but the vitality of the incoming generation.

The active adult demographic frequently searches for a place with amenities that include swimming pools, scenic pathways for riding bicycles, walking/hiking, jogging, gyms, and more. They may not be seeking a licensed facility at all, but they may be of the mindset that it’s time to simplify and downsize. They’re looking for a place that allows them access to these amenities, with fewer property-care responsibilities or none at all. If, as a developer, you’re looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, senior housing for the active adult segment is certainly worth looking into.

Cultivating the resort life

Senior living communities that really wow prospective tenants these days blur the lines between a living facility and a high-end resort. Luxurious amenities are valued by many who are searching for their next place to call home, so it makes sense for developers to take the bold step of bringing the best amenities to the table.

Creating senior housing that feels like a high-end resort requires imagination and resourcefulness. We’re talking fine dining, in addition to casual dining, fully outfitted fitness centers both indoors and out, day spas to pamper and restore residents, lounges and patios for lingering. You may also want to consider art studios, massage rooms, a bistro, and other amenities that lift you beyond the average senior living community.

Tune in to technology

Today’s seniors are tech savvy, and a facility that recognizes this and delivers connectivity and tech solutions will surely command attention. Upgraded networks, high-speed WiFi, technologically enhanced wayfinding, activity rooms, and AV amenities are all worth exploring.

The future of senior living starts with design-build

Constructing the future of senior living starts with selecting a commercial construction general contractor with innovation at the forefront and the design and build model of construction delivers. From start to finish, our professionals work in tandem to design and build the best for you and your prospective tenants in the Upper Midwest. Ready to get started building your senior living community in Wisconsin or Minnesota? Reach out, and we’ll take that bold step with you so that together, we can meet the opportunity this wave of seniors presents to senior housing developers.