Wellness amenities to attract tenants to your commercial building

Commercial construction planning these days often includes wellness considerations

More than ever before, tenants are interested in wellness amenities in their commercial building spaces. As research shows, time and again, demand for wellness programming and features is rising. And that means it’s worthwhile to include a conversation about wellness offerings when planning commercial construction in the near future.

But what wellness amenities are in demand, and which will give you a leg up when it’s time to seek out tenants? Here’s what some developers are incorporating to capitalize on the demand for more wellness offerings and increase occupancy rates.

A connection to the outdoors

Tenants value the ability to take time outdoors during their workday, so for some developers, incorporating seating areas outdoors, gardens, courtyards and walkways has become standard. In addition, some commercial buildings themselves are being designed to be more open to the outdoors. For example, the ArborCrest V building in Philadelphia has a fitness center with a garage door that opens up to a basketball court outside.

Multipurpose wellness rooms

Tenants can have a wide variety of wellness needs, from space for meditation or fitness classes to lactation rooms, to a space simply to relax and unwind. By incorporating multipurpose rooms into your plans, you can have an open conversation with potential tenants about what kind of wellness spaces they want most. The flexibility of the space and its potential for use is sure to delight potential tenants.

Fitness centers with locker space

Love them or not, on-location fitness centers with locker space are in demand. It’s also a showstopper and something you can brag about that sets your space apart from other commercial buildings. Up the ante by providing an integrated wellness program that ensures the fitness center is not only eye-catching but well-used by tenants.

WELL Building Standard

If you’re really ready to focus on wellness, seeking out the WELL Building Standard offered by the International WELL Building Institute may be for you. Last year, more than 1,200 buildings were WELL-registered or WELL-certified in the world, and tenants value the designation as a way to attract and retain top talent. WELL standards include design and operations features that incorporate air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind wellness.

Wellness features help attract commercial space tenants

When the competition for commercial tenants is fierce, incorporating features that tenants value and that set your building apart from other available space is key. By incorporating wellness features, including fitness centers, a connection to the outdoors and multipurpose wellness spaces, you’ll attract tenants who know the value of those offerings for their staff. And if you’re ready to make a real statement, exploring the WELL Building Standard might be just what you need to whip your commercial building ROI into shape.