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2019 commercial construction trends

2019 Commercial Construction Trend Report

2019 trend report uncovers hidden commercial construction opportunities

As we look ahead to 2019, it’s impossible to ignore what many economists are saying about 2020. With labor shortages, wage and price pressures, tariff and trade tensions, decline in real estate transactions and higher interest rates, it appears that the current economic cycle is peeking, positioning 2020 as the year for a correction.


Experts predict the current economic cycle will end late next year, making it more important now than ever to focus development and investment decisions where opportunity is greatest. Keep in mind that opportunity is greatest not just in areas with the greatest predicted growth, but in those where current supply isn’t meeting demand — whether regarding capacity or what consumers want and need. That’s where you’ll find the greatest promise for a solid return-on-investment over the long run.


DBS Group’s 2019 Trend Report uncovers those opportunities and offers design and build recommendations to help you capitalize on those prospects in the coming economy.


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