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Apartment technology: once optional, now essential

To be competitive in multifamily housing, it’s high time for tech

The multifamily housing market is going full speed ahead when it comes to apartment technology, and owners/builders who want to remain competitive or rise above the competition are finding it’s time to get on board. The digital revolution in multifamily housing hit 6G speeds during the COVID-19 pandemic to meet demand for safety among consumers and workers and continue to thrive amid restrictions. These advances in technology remain in demand, and they continue to help support lead management needs and client preference for contact-free options.

Innovation to explore for your multifamily housing development

When you’re ready to embrace the digital solutions to position your properties favorably and gain market share, it’s natural to wonder where exactly you should start. If you’re new to the tech advances in the marketplace, the choices can seem overwhelming. However, allowing consumer preferences and behaviors to drive your decision-making can ensure your investment yields a favorable return. Here are some digital technologies we see rising to the top in the multifamily housing market.

  • Virtual solutions, such as virtual property tours and 3D imaging, allow prospects to look at your amenities and properties from the comfort and safety of their own space while showcasing your offerings in their best possible light. In addition, having videoconference capabilities to talk over particulars with prospects can increase that invaluable personal touch without placing prospects and staff at risk. More, these virtual technologies allow the burgeoning remote workforce — now considering moving to more affordable markets — to get a feel for the options in our region, particularly as affordability and quality of life drive their decisions.
  • Contact-free technologies. We’ve seen interest in these tech solutions skyrocket with the pandemic, and chances are good interest will remain for a considerable amount of time. These can include ID scanning, hands-free options for shared entryways and remote access to technology.
  • Marketing and leasing technologies. More than ever before, prospects are searching for living spaces via online sources, so to be competitive in today’s marketplace, it’s essential to have a presence. From digital advertising to social media listings and content creation, finding prospects where they are and sharing compelling content with them can differentiate you from the competition and increase lead generation. Once you have those prospects in the funnel, you want to be sure to gather data that will empower you to provide the best service and support to them. Today’s tech can streamline everything from lead capturing to the vetting process to leasing and retention strategies. Best of all, these tech solutions can lighten the load on your busy property management staff, allowing them to identify quality leads and enabling them to prioritize workload.

Is it time to explore tech for your multifamily housing development?

Tech solutions are constantly emerging, and consumer behaviors are ever-evolving. As a result, technology has become an indispensable part of the multifamily housing landscape for those committed to meeting the needs of prospects and current residents. Whether you are building a new multifamily housing development or considering a commercial property renovation to upgrade facilities, we can help. If it’s time for you to explore today’s tech solutions that can position you to remain competitive in the marketplace, contact us to learn more about how the design-build model of construction can make your vision a virtual reality.