DBS Group and St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin broke ground this month on a new development in Siren, Wisconsin. The development, Fourwinds Market, will include a grocery store, bottle shop, gas station, car wash and other consumer conveniences, all of which will support Burnett County as a vacation destination.

State representatives and officials from the Bureau of Indian Affairs participated, celebrating the fact that the development is being designed, built, operated and staffed entirely with Wisconsin labor, creating hundreds of jobs within the state.

The Fourwinds Market development is located on a 9-acre site north of Siren, and will incorporate a 23,000-square-foot grocery store, 3,000-square-foot bottle shop, 3,000 square-foot convenience store, 2,000 square-foot fast food shell, single-bay car wash and a series of self-storage units on the backside of the development. Construction began May 31, and the opening for the grocery store, bottle shop, convenience store and car wash is scheduled for mid-December 2016. The exterior design of the buildings will complement the St. Croix Chippewa of Wisconsin brand, and high-efficiency lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems will be incorporated.

DBS Group is providing store planning, architecture, engineering and construction services for this development.