Multifamily housing unit with gazebo illustrates multifamily housing amenities today's renters seek.

Multifamily Housing Amenities Delivering Fun

Report highlights innovative amenities that delight

When it comes to building the senior living communities, student housing, and apartments that today’s tenants are searching for, developers and builders are leaning into innovations that delight. And when it comes to amenities that wow, there are many potential offerings that can help you attract and hold on to your target tenants, optimizing occupancy as well as returns. Of course, working with a trusted design and build firm empowers you to include the options most likely to delight your target market while keeping your project on schedule and within budget.

So, what are the especially fun amenities we’re seeing in the multifamily housing landscape today? Let’s take a closer look at a recent report from Building Design + Construction, which highlights the top 127 amenities in multifamily housing today, according to a survey of industry professionals, including developers, architects, designers and commercial construction professionals. The amenities include numerous options that are practical, some that are relatively new to the scene, and many that are just plain delightful. Today, we are focusing on the fun.

Exciting, innovative and eye-catching amenities in multifamily housing today

Whether you’re considering your next multifamily housing build or looking to remodel existing properties to differentiate them from the competition, the fun amenities we see emerging today may inspire your next project. Here are some of the most exciting and innovative amenities popping up in the multifamily housing space recently.

Thrilling outdoor amenities in multifamily housing

Today’s multifamily housing residents, whether college-aged, adult, or senior, are looking to spend their time not just within their living spaces but also in the outdoors. Developers, architects, designers, and multifamily housing owners are responding with amenities that make the most of their outdoor spaces. Here are some of the fascinating amenities survey respondents say they are incorporating to attract those who value fresh air, sunshine, and all the great outdoors offer.

  • Outdoor lounges
  • Fire pits and grills
  • Outdoor pools
  • Rooftop decks and terraces
  • Cabanas
  • Walking paths and garden walks
  • Outdoor community kitchens
  • Gazebos

Other outdoor amenities include community gardens, outdoor movie screens, outdoor hot tubs, rock walls, pickleball courts, private fitness pods, screened porches and catering pantries. Some owners extolled the benefits of creating a clubhouse vibe outdoors with covered spaces that provided outdoor televisions, games and billiards.

Maximum fun indoors

Living in the Upper Midwest means maximizing indoor fun options so when the weather doesn’t cooperate, our living spaces are ready. Developers, designers, and architects always consider this when building multifamily housing in La Crosse, WI, Rochester, MN, and the rest of the 7 Rivers Region.

But no matter where you’re building senior living communities, student housing, apartments, or condos, making the most of the great indoors rapidly becomes an essential consideration for multifamily housing owners who want to remain competitive in the marketplace. Here are some of the fun amenities were seeing that make the most of the indoors.

  • Indoor lounges
  • Screening rooms
  • Catering areas
  • Wine bars
  • Community kitchens
  • Coffee bars and cafes
  • Libraries and reading rooms

Gathering spaces are valued for creating a community vibe. The report also showed an uptick in music or performance rooms, juice bars, indoor hot tubs, and wine cellars.

Recreation amenities

Recreation remains a draw regardless of whom you’re trying to attract to your multifamily housing. Here are some of the top recreation amenities today that can promise a good time to tenants.

  • Billiards and pool
  • Game rooms, including arcades and simulators
  • Jogging/walking paths
  • Cornhole
  • Bocce courts
  • Table tennis/ping pong
  • Pickleball, basketball, and volleyball courts
  • Shuffleboard
  • Chess and checkers tables

Other recreational amenities that have seen interest include spin studios, putting greens, rock walls, croquet and squash courts, dance rooms, bowling alleys, and horseshoes. Other options that fell under quality of life in the report but certainly also relate to recreation include Peloton equipment, touchscreen fitness mirrors, spas, saunas and health clubs, cooking classes and chef demonstrations, educational programs, art galleries, and meditation rooms.

For others in the family

While actors have been advised to never work with kids or animals, the multifamily housing industry would be smart to do so. Here are some fun amenities we’re seeing that may appeal to our younger or furrier family members.

  • Playgrounds
  • Playrooms
  • Dog parks and exercise stations
  • Dog grooming
Time to construct your next multifamily housing facility?

When it’s time to construct multifamily housing in the Upper Midwest, working with a design and build firm can help ensure the success of your project. Whatever market you’re hoping to reach, and whether you’re hoping to include a climbing wall, party spaces, a golf driving range or a dog agility course, our designers and project teams can help make your vision a reality.

Contact us to learn more about how the design-build construction model can deliver on the inspired amenities in your apartment complex, condominiums, student housing, or senior living community in Wisconsin or Minnesota.