Prepare your commercial building for winter

Now is the time to think about winterization for long-term cost controls

Winter can take a big toll on commercial buildings, which is why even though the weather may be great right now, it’s high time to think about preparing your commercial building for winter. But how should you get started? And what aspects of your building need special attention with regard to winterization? We have a number of helpful tips to get you on your way.

Tips for preparing your commercial building for winter

When prepping your space for the wintry wonderland your world will soon become, it can be helpful to approach it from several perspectives. First, you want to think about preventative actions. Doing some work during the warmer weather can eliminate worry about cold-weather issues like frozen pipes down the road. Second, you’ll want to think about the comfort of your tenants and others. And third, you’ll want to consider potential energy savings you can capitalize on by addressing the heating and cooling needs unique to each area of the building.

With these three perspectives in mind, it’s time to look a little closer at the areas of particular interest when winterizing your commercial building.

Air leaks

Check the structure of your commercial property for leaks, and consider getting an energy audit for your commercial building, which can really help find these problem areas. Once they are identified, seal them up for considerable cost savings and increased comfort for your tenants.


Does your building have sufficient insulation? Take a hard look at all of it to ensure even the tougher spots are properly insulated. There are a variety of options in insulation to ensure your building gets the best protection from the cold, including blanket-style insulation, rigid insulation, foam insulation and more.


The roof of your commercial building can be host to a number of undetected issues, such as holes or damage that can lead to leaks during snowmelt. When inspecting the roof, check all flashing and seals and make sure the structure is sound enough to hold the weight of snow and ice that is sure to come.


Frozen pipes are a common cause of expensive damage in commercial buildings, so looking over your plumbing now can save you in time, trouble and cash come winter. Make sure any freeze protection devices are operational, and test freeze stats and valves to make sure there are no leaks.


Last but not least, be sure to prep your HVAC system. A good start is to schedule preventative maintenance and make sure the system is operating properly and efficiently. Be sure to change out any air filters and check that exhaust gases are being ventilated properly.

Prepare your commercial building now, before the snow flies

No one wants messy repairs and massive energy issues when the weather turns white. That’s why now is the season to give your commercial building a thorough once-over to ensure it’s ready for winter. A little prevention now can save you time, money and frostbitten fingers when the snow flies.