Toad's Cove

Toad’s Cove reopens after fire last year

Toad’s Cove is more than just a convenience store in the Centerville community in Trempealeau. It’s the community’s meeting spot where you can fill your gas tank, grab a gallon of milk and catch up on everyone’s news. So when it burned to the ground a year ago, it was a loss for everyone living and working in the unincorporated area. As of today, though, it’s back!

At a celebration today, owners Andy and Tracy Todd unveiled the new 5,688-square-foot store. Designed and built by DBS Group, the store features a commercial prep kitchen for various prepared food selections, a fresh, gourmet popcorn station, and an ice cream parlor station featuring 16 flavors. And all are conveniently available for pickup at its new drive-thru window. The new store also incorporates walk-in pads for beer and other beverages, which are just as large as before but feature three times the variety.

Toad’s Cove is reopening on the same holiday weekend as the fire a year ago. It was important to the Todds to make this timeline happen.

That’s part of the reason they partnered with DBS Group to design and build the new store, according to Andy Todd. They have a well-earned reputation as experts who complete projects on time and on budget. That was important to Tracy, me, and our community. The town needs its meeting place back.” said Andy Todd.

“Being involved in this project was gratifying for our entire team,” said DBS Group CEO and President Chris Walters. “It not only has a critical practical function in the community. It’s also a place for the sort of friendly conversation and connections that help a community thrive.”

As for the Todds, they’re thrilled to be up and running again. “We can’t wait to show everyone the results of a year of hard work and dedication,” said Tracy Todd. “This store is a testament to what we can achieve together with God’s help, and we’re excited to start this new chapter.”