4 Reasons to Focus Your Next Senior Housing Project on Active Seniors

Active senior living communities may keep you competitive

As leaders in and developers of senior living communities look at opportunities for growth or expansion, they increasingly focus on active seniors. And it stands to reason. As we look at trends and preferences of the next generation to enter senior living communities and their families, we’re finding that active living options hold great appeal. Here’s why.

1. Seniors are healthier and living longer

Research shows that more than ever, seniors are reporting being in good to excellent health, and about a quarter of them report getting regular physical activity while others report 7 hours of leisure activities a day. Research also shows people who reach age 65 are living more than 14 years longer than those who reached that age in 1960. What does it all mean? There’s no more sitting in the rocking chair for the entirety of your golden years. Seniors are more vibrant and living longer than ever before, and senior living communities should accommodate that to remain competitive.

2. Baby boomers want to stay active

Baby boomers are an entirely new kind of senior. Some call them age-defying, and the last thing they’re looking for is a retirement home like their parents had. They are taking on retirement en masse, but they don’t want it to look anything like our traditional picture of retirement.

Active adult communities provide the opportunity for baby boomers and all residents to not only stay physically active, but mentally active as well. So offerings in a senior living community that is focused on active seniors can include everything from excursions to cooking classes, ongoing education, fitness facilities, golfing and tennis, and much, much more.

3. Empty nesters are looking to downsize

Seniors encompass much more than the over 65 set, and it turns out empty nesters are looking to downsize and start the next chapter of their lives. Yet they’re not necessarily looking for a retirement home. This represents an opportunity for senior living communities to attract a different population with different needs. Those needs likely include increased options for remaining active and maintaining vitality into their 60s and well beyond.

4. Seniors are looking to maintain and build a sense of community

As we advance into our senior years, and particularly when we move into a senior living community, we may lose the sense of community we used to have. But maintaining connections and building new friendships is an essential part of healthy aging. Active senior living communities allow space for gatherings and shared activities, such as happy hours, coffee breaks, book groups, classes and entertaining family and friends.

Communities for active seniors: the wave of the future

The landscape for the senior living marketplace is changing, and demand is increasing for senior living that caters to individuals who want to stay mentally and physically active for the next step in their lives. Rise up to meet this demand, and your next senior living project is sure to hold appeal for seniors who are looking for more than a retirement home.

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