single source of truth SSOT

What’s the secret to design-build success?

Understanding the benefits of having a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

Reliance on the design-build model of construction has quickly grown in recent years, as this novel approach’s benefits have become more apparent. In fact, experts estimate this year, nearly half of construction projects will be delivered by the design-build construction model.

The reasons are many. We know that design-build fosters collaboration between design, estimating and construction team members, in turn balancing design and cost to maximize the owner’s investment. We also know that design-build allows team members to proactively anticipate project challenges and remove roadblocks before they can impact the project. Finally, we know that design-build helps prevent budget creep and schedule creep, thus consistently delivering projects on time and on budget.

The result: the owner’s investment is maximized, budget and schedule estimates are more reliable, and barriers are destroyed. But what exactly makes design-build such an excellent choice for your next construction project? It all boils down to one concept: Single Source of Truth.

What is SSOT?

When it’s time to make decisions about your next commercial construction project, you want the truth. But knowing what’s true isn’t always clear cut, and that experience can continue throughout the design and construction timeline, particularly when you’re working with several separate entities for your project. When things go wrong, whether the information provided to you is simply misinterpretation or an attempt to obscure the truth is often murky, and the fallout at the jobsite can be significant. That’s why having a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) is so important to your next commercial construction project.

SSOT eliminates the possibility of misinterpretation or sourcing of data, as well as the worry about whom you can trust. From a design and construction perspective, the concept is that all information related to your project comes from a single source, and all stakeholders agree that source has the trusted information. Gone are redundancies and the potential for someone to misinterpret what’s real.

Why is SSOT important in commercial construction?

Change orders, rework and schedule delays are among the most frustrating possibilities in construction, and often misinterpretation of information or data leads to these costly errors. Having a single source of truth in the design and construction space nearly eliminates these errors and change orders. Conflicting information simply doesn’t happen. With everyone consulting the same trusted source for information, proactive decision-making becomes the norm, and communication is clarified. The project is more likely to stay on schedule and within the budget. Transparency becomes the norm, and that demolishes risk. Instead, clear standards are put into place, team members have easy access to the information they need, and they can trust that information is up to date.

Ready to put SSOT to work for you?

When you partner with DBS Group, you’ll tap into the power of Single Source of Truth for your next commercial construction project. The benefits are clear: from streamlined workflows to improved cooperation, transparency and trust, design-build and SSOT will change your construction process for the better. Contact us to learn more about how the design-build model of construction and Single Source of Truth can make the most of your next commercial construction project.