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Building healthier senior living communities with pandemic lessons learned

Here’s how the COVID-19 crisis is steering the future of senior living Senior housing has undergone many changes since the advent of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and industry insiders recognize that changes will be far-reaching into the future as well. The reason: lessons learned from the pandemic offer valuable insights into building healthier senior communities…

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Are we entering a new phase of offsite construction?

Modular and prefabricated construction gains ground Offsite construction, such as modular and prefabricated construction, is anything but new. Yet in the age of COVID-19 and the myriad other issues facing the construction industry, many wonder if we’re entering a new phase of offsite construction. Among certain industries, and among those struggling to overcome the many…

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What COVID means for the future of office space

Understanding shifts in the office may bolster success post-pandemic When COVID-19 cases took hold around the world, the pandemic catalyzed seismic shifts in the office environment. And it turns out some of those changes will impact the future of office space longer-term. A recent study by JLL reveals some intriguing new trends emerging during the…

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