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Understanding grants and incentives for sustainable construction

Sustainable construction gaining traction with commercial projects Increasingly, Earth Day is every day as developers seek opportunities to design and build commercial construction projects in a more earth-friendly manner. Eco-friendly practices used to be a consideration only for those on the fringes of commercial construction even a couple of decades ago, and these days it’s…

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Building performance requirements and standards

Here’s how to prepare for the future of commercial properties If you’re not familiar with building performance standards and requirements, you’re not alone. In fact, this concept, which is due to become a significant factor in construction, is only recently emerging. To understand building performance standards and what they mean for you, let’s first define…

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Taking green building to a whole new level

Researchers in Australia have discovered a way to take green building to a whole new level. They’ve found a new kind of rubber polymer made from sulfur and canola oil that can be compressed and heated with fillers to create construction materials. The fillers could be recycled PVC, organic waste, even sand to create bricks…

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