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Air filtration: lessons learned from COVID-19

Clearing the air on filtration systems for commercial buildings We have learned many lessons throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic. Among those, we have a better understanding of air filtration systems for commercial buildings, particularly their ability to filter out viruses. Perhaps even more than ever before, commercial real estate developers, owners and tenants are carefully…

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Tech paves the pathway to the future of senior housing

Pandemic accelerates industry’s technology adoption As the global pandemic took aim at senior population centers, senior housing responded by adopting technological solutions to the fight against COVID-19. And as leaders in senior housing brace for boomers to retire en masse to the tune of 73 million by 2030, these tech solutions are likely to carry…

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This vs. that: Rooftop units vs. furnace/condenser systems

Comparing HVAC options? Here’s what you need to know HVAC systems can account for more than a third of the energy used by commercial buildings, making the selection of your HVAC unit essential to the bottom line for your business. Selecting between two common types of HVAC systems, rooftop units or an internal furnace/condenser system,…

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