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Material lead times and cost increases impact commercial construction

Owner/builders should plan projects earlier than ever Equipment and material lead times and cost increases continue to impact the commercial construction industry. The good news is you can mitigate some of these increases by thoughtful planning in the very early project stages. How early? Earlier than ever, say our design-build experts. That means if you’re…

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Post-COVID construction: the role of global supply chains

As the pandemic begins to fade, a quest for deeper understanding emerges COVID-19 has taught us so much, not the least of which is how a shock to our global supply chains can snarl sectors of our domestic economy. It’s also highlighted how changing consumer habits can affect our ability to get supplies at the…

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Construction materials shortage amid COVID-19 pandemic

Builders are reporting shortages: here’s how to cope The pandemic has impacted the construction industry in a number of ways in 2020. Among them: a construction materials shortage. We’ve written in the past about glass shortages and the fallout for the industry. For some, that meant delaying commercial and residential construction projects because of material…

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