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5 ways design-build benefits developers in today’s environment

Not all general contractors for commercial construction are equal

When searching for commercial building contractors in Rochester, La Crosse and the surrounding areas, you might think all commercial contractors are created equal. But in reality, the design and build project model offers benefits over the approach other general contractors of commercial construction take. And these benefits are more important than ever, given the industry’s challenges today. Here are five ways design-build delivers for developers in today’s environment.

In the face of commercial construction challenges, design and build delivers

It’s no secret that developers have a lot to navigate in today’s commercial construction environment. We’ve recently written about many of these challenges, from industry labor shortages to supply chain issues to inflationary pressures. To tackle these challenges head-on, developers are increasingly realizing the benefits of the design and build project delivery model. Here are some of the most significant ways design-build delivers for today’s developers.

  1. Cost estimates you can count on.

Every project has a budget, but many commercial construction firms have difficulty adhering to one in today’s environment. With the design-build construction model, the project estimator is engaged at project conception to collaborate with the project Owner in developing a budget goal. The project estimator remains engaged throughout the design phase, providing real-time feedback regarding project costs, allowing the project team to pivot design and scope of work as needed to ensure the Owner’s budget goal is maintained.

  1. Design and build can save developers money.

The design-build construction model can save you money over traditional models by leveraging collaboration between the design team members, project manager and project estimator. During the design phase, the project estimator provides pricing input regarding the cost of building assemblies, as well as the cost of materials/products/manufacturers, including comparative costs for different systems. Also during the design phase, the project manager provides means and methods input and constructability reviews to identify any opportunities to save time and money. All of this collaboration during the design phase provides opportunities for cost savings without sacrificing function or quality.

  1. The design and build project model saves time.

Design and build firms operate with incredible teamwork, enabling them to successfully manage every aspect of the project, often with concurrent timelines. At the onset of design, the project manager will identify lead time durations for long-lead materials and equipment. Then the design team members, project estimator and project manager collaborate to develop design & bid package development/phasing that allows for early ordering of long-lead materials and equipment, as well as allowing for construction to commence while final design is being completed. The result is a shortened overall project duration, allowing the Owner to begin generating income earlier than traditional commercial project delivery methods.

  1. Enhanced communication is a natural outcome of design-build.

The traditional commercial construction delivery often is accompanied by separate disciplines/entities under separate contracts. The result is fractured communication, confusion and the increased risk of costly change orders. Why does this happen? In simple terms, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. In the design-build construction model, the project team works as a single, unified entity — so there are no silos of information, no information hoarding and no passing the buck. Instead, the project team communicates every step of the way for everyone’s benefit, especially yours.

  1. Design-build is convenient.

Imagine it: a single source of information, and a single point of contact, for your commercial build. No wrangling various companies that each have a hand in your project, no more trying to track someone down to figure out project status. Rather, a single entity communicating clearly throughout every phase of commercial construction is essential in our mind. When you select design and build, you can rest assured everyone is working toward the same vision with the same plan.

Searching for design-build firms near me?

If you’re looking for general contractors in La Crosse, WI, construction management services in Rochester, MN, or a general contractor in Onalaska, WI, search no further. The design and build model of construction can give you the edge you need in today’s build environment. Even in the face of challenges like inflation, distribution delays, cost increases and labor shortages, the design and build project delivery model puts you ahead of the game. So call us today to begin experiencing the difference of design-build for your next commercial construction project.


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