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Category: Restaurant Construction - Building Dimensions Blog

Category: Restaurant Construction - Building Dimensions Blog

June 22, 2020

DBS Group to build three new Pizza Hut restaurants

DBS Group has been selected to build three new Pizza Hut restaurants in Texas.  The design-build company will build a new, ground-up Pizza Hut on S. Grand in Amarillo, Texas. Work on that restaurant...

Ghost kitchens get cooking in vacant mall space

At the intersection of food delivery and vacant mall space, a new commercial real estate trend has emerged: the ghost kitchen.

March 23, 2020

DBS Group completes second Uncork'd

DBS Group built a new 4,130-square-foot wine bar and resturant, Uncork’d, in Frisco, TX. Like its counterpart in McKinney, TX, the Frisco Uncork’d features a wine bar for patrons to enjoy delicious...

2020 Commercial Construction Trend Report shows pockets of opportunity

As we look ahead to 2020, experts are calling for slower economic growth, meaning development and investment decisions must focus where opportunity is greatest.

November 2, 2019

DBS Group to build out new Uncork'd

Uncork’d,  a Texas-based wine bar and restaurant, has contracted with DBS Group to build a second location. DBS Group completed construction on the company's first location in McKinney, Texas, late...

October 28, 2019

A look at how the Skogens spend their dash

We have a new video of the Skogens' project on 2nd Avenue in Onalaska to share. It's an aerial view of David Reay's and Dash-Park on the block just south of Main Street. It's a terrific example of...

May 13, 2019

DBS Group begins work on Qdoba in Winona

DBS Group has been selected to design and build a new, ground-up Qdoba restaurant at 950 Frontenac Drive in Winona, MN. The project has required extensive preliminary work due to poor sub-soils that...

Commercial construction trends and opportunities today

Commercial construction continues to ride a wave of success and high demand in 2019. Opportunities abound for those who are savvy and eager to ride the wave.

Mixed-use senior housing

Senior housing developers are moving in new, different and creative directions are getting attention, and results.

March 27, 2018

Pizza Hut in Holmen, WI, complete

DBS Group last week completed work on a new Pizza Hut restaurant at the Shoppes at Hale Drive in Holmen, WI.  Construction began in late January and was completed in just eight weeks. This is the...