top 5 construction blog posts of 2022

DBS Group’s top 5 construction blog posts of 2022

Popularity of these construction blog posts shows what’s on people’s minds

It’s an exciting time for commercial construction. With new technologies and innovative solutions emerging every day, there’s an endless array of topics to explore. That’s why we’ve put together a countdown of our top five blog posts from 2022, so you can see what issues have been on the minds of people considering design-build commercial construction projects. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

#5 Senior Housing Adaptive Reuse Options

The demand for senior housing continues to grow as more baby boomers enter retirement age. In this post, we discuss how adaptive reuse can be a cost-effective option for converting existing buildings into senior living facilities. We provide insight into the process from design to completion, including tips on how to make sure your project meets applicable codes and regulations.

#4 The Latest on Material Lead Times and Labor Shortages

As we worked our way through 2022, long lead times for material and equipment, as well as labor and workforce shortages, were common themes throughout the industry. This post looks at what these trends mean for contractors and developers, as well as ways they can work around them in order to stay on track with their projects.

#3 Why You Shouldn’t Delay Commercial Construction Projects

Delaying construction projects can have far-reaching consequences, both financially and logistically. In this post, we look at why it pays off to start your project right away instead of waiting until later down the line. We also provide tips on how you can stay ahead of schedule while still meeting all relevant safety standards.

#2 Construction Inflation

This post examines how inflation affects materials costs across the entire supply chain for commercial construction projects. We provide insight into ways that contractors and developers can keep their costs low without sacrificing quality or compromising safety standards.

#1 Do Solar Panels Work Better on a Flat or Pitched Roof?

Our top blog of the year is a nod to a growing movement among developers and owners: sustainability. As more businesses look for ways to reduce energy costs, this blog post tackled one of the most common questions related to solar panel installation: do they work better on flat roofs or pitched roofs? This blog answered that question while also giving readers tips on how they can make sure they get the best results when installing solar panels on their buildings’ roofs.

Planning a commercial construction project?

Whether you’re planning a major renovation or building from scratch in the next two years, these five blog posts will help you stay up-to-date with some of the most pressing issues impacting commercial construction. From exploring new ways to use existing buildings to learning about material lead times and labor shortages — these resources will give you insights into the current state of design-build so you can make informed decisions when it comes time to plan.

And when you are ready to begin planning, be sure to call us from the get-go. Our preconstruction services can help you maximize value on your new or renovated building.

In the meantime, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!